Who we are…

We are Ireland's' leading provider of iPad/Tablet - Wall Mounts and Floor & Counter Stands. If you need an iPad/Tablet stand for an exhibition, show, meeting, conference or important presentation then we can guarantee delivery anywhere in Ireland within 48hrs, direct to your office or home. We are not only the largest supplier of iPad/Tablet stands in Ireland but also we offer many different designs and options.

With such a wide range of stands available and so many different specifications our team can advise you of the best choice of stand for your needs. Being able to use your iPad/Tablet at work for displaying company products and information or if you just want to watch movies, read a book, or browse the web at home, but doing so for prolonged periods of time can be uncomfortable and in fact, more recent proved to be unhealthy. We solved this issue using elegant industrial design and thoughtful engineering.

Our iPad/Tablet Stands are precision-machined metal floor stand that “floats” your iPad/Tablet. All our Stands are manufactured in Ireland to the highest standards and manufactured to the ISO9002 standard. Stylish with sleek lines and custom colour (black or chrome) options to suit any environment Compact offering big impact in a small package, particularly compared to a traditional PC or Mac Reliable top quality construction and design ensure foolproof operation and longevity of use Secure the content on your iPad is accessible but your iPad is protected from tampering or theft Safe secures with bolts and all cabling is fully enclosed in the stand to eliminate trip hazards Powered up a USB power cable hidden in the base allows unlimited plug and play Portable easy to set-up, pack-down and transport Components include cast aluminium stable base, powder-coat plates, metal stand pole and iPad/Tablet cradle holder. Security We also have a specific line of secure iPad stands for retail or similar environments.